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ASSOCIATION “TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE” (TEZ) - Plovdiv is a legal non-profit entity registered in Plovdiv Regional Court. In the structure of the cluster are involved key representatives of the private sector, NGOs and universities active in the field of construction, planning and regional development, ensuring the achievement of common cluster goals.

All cluster members will participate in the implementation of the common cluster activities and will engage with:

      - Research and development of policies concerning operations planning, investment planning and construction of any type of real estate, including infrastructure, industrial and residential properties.
      - Assisting the cluster members in establishing business contacts at home and abroad.
      - Protection of the cluster members interests before the government, state and local organizations as well as international organizations.
      - Protecting the social and economic interests of cluster members.
      - Support for investors to develop industrial and logistics areas corresponding to the new global standards and implementation of successful models for construction and operation of such areas.
      -  Assistance for the cluster members when applying for various projects and programs, including the projects financed by European funds and the World Bank.
      - Formulation of common positions on the existing legislation concerning the activities of the members of the cluster, as well as offering new solutions to the rules governing the same activity.


Cluster contributes to the development of regional policy through:

- Attracting foreign investors and creating new jobs – participation in the cluster of specialized companies – industrial areas, where conditions are created for investors to quickly and easily start production is a prerequisite for job creation in the region. Participation of the administrative team and the governing body of the cluster in international investment forums in order to attract investors suggests conducting active marketing to attract them, both in the region of Plovdiv and the entire South Central Planning Region of Bulgaria.

- Development of the export profile of the region – by attracting modern industries and providing excellent logistics to create conditions for the development of export-oriented enterprises. Investors targeted by the cluster are in traditionally export-oriented sectors.

- Increasing production in the region – creating conditions to attract investors and provide services for the construction of modern, well-functioning industrial enterprises and functioning infrastructure will enable more productive environment for business, leading to increased production in the region.

Institutional support of CLUSTER TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE

Creation and development of the cluster is in compliance with the main strategic documents at the regional and municipal level. The cluster has signed agreements with the Municipalities Maritsa and Kuklen for interaction driven by overall strategic guidelines for attracting investments. Main objectives of the agreement are:

  • - Construction of a modern infrastructure in Republic of Bulgaria, including in the region of the Rakovsky municipality and Plovdiv district.
  • - Raising development funds for Republic of Bulgaria, including in the region of the Martisa and Kuklen municipalities and Plovdiv area.
  • - Promoting activities for attracting investments.
  • - Participation in programs for professional education and training of staff.
  • - Participation in international development programs for the local government.
  • - Improving interaction between administration and investors operating in Bulgaria, including in the region of Rakovsky municipality and Plovdiv district.

The cluster and the local governments will cooperate in conducting researches, preparing analyzes and collecting information about the economic situation of the enterprises in the region in terms of needs of regional development. They will maintain a database of all potential sites for investment for bulgarian or foreign individuals and companies looking for partners for realization of investment projects. For this purpose information for the established contacts, meetings and events of interest to carry out the investment will be shared regularly.

Strategy and development potential CLUSTER TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE

The cluster is in the services sector. Implementation structure of the products – operations planning, investment planning and construction and maintenance of any kind of construction, including infrastructure, industrial and residential, is aimed at regional and national market. The cluster main goal will be to attract investors to the established industrial zones, members of the cluster. In the future, the cluster will focus on foreign markets as a participant in the implementation of industrial and infrastructure constructions. Each of the companies in the cluster has its independent expertise in the design, construction and regional development, but united in a cluster they will create a critical mass to offer bundled service “turnkey project” to investors at regional and national level.

The analysis of the development of the construction and design sector reveals the following changes in the competitive environment:

  • - The demand for “turnkey projects” from design to construction and subsequent maintenance of the buildings and infrastructure is an integral part of the service package which is offered to the investors.
  • - Growth in the use of models based on partnership. The construction industry is characterized by many small and medium companies. Offering the customer / investor a complete package requires cooperation between different companies involved in the whole process from design to construction and maintenance of the sites. This will save a lot of time and money in the implementation of investment projects in comparison to the process of working with various independent companies. Interaction can be successfully implemented through a common access to information, general learning processes and presentations of investment projects.
  • - The competition in the field of design and requirements for the expertise of the construction teams is increasing. This gives the cluster members an advantage over large firms, which generally do not have this flexibility.
  • - The existence of different qualifications among the builders is a competitive advantage when applying for various auctions of municipal level, state level or private investors level. This means that construction companies would have access to data bases and they will easily form teams in correspondence to investors demands.

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