CLUSTER TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE is a partner with Bulgarian-Chinese Business Development Association with main objectives:

•   Encouragement of commercial and industrial relations between the two countries
•   Provision of information and advice to the Bulgarian exporters as concerned to the Chinese market, as well as Chinese exporters as concerned to the Bulgarian market
•   Provision of information and advice to prospective investors regarding the investment opportunities in China as well as in Bulgaria
•   Provision of information and advices to companies from the two countries regarding the establishment of joint ventures

The two organizations joined forces in attracting and promoting Chinese investments at regional and national level and the exchange of experience between the two countries in the field of building technology, design and investment planning.


CLUSTER TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE is a partner with “Respect Consult” – one of the leading and most trusted consulting companies in the city of Plovdiv and the Republic of Bulgaria. Owing to its long years of experience, complex and reliable services, the company is a nationwide leader in the legal, tax and financial consulting business with its highly qualified team of professionals – lawyers, economists, accountants, appraisers.

Respect Consult advises Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, non-profit organizations and multinational companies in all areas of law: Company law; Contract law; bankruptcy; Real estate law; construction; Administrative law and administrative processes; Labor law and social security; Financial, Tax and Insurance law; Criminal law and procedures; Family law; energy and natural resources. The company performs legal representation in court and arbitration. It registers companies under the Commerce Act, non-profit organizations, foundations, consortiums, offshore companies.


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