Trakia Economic Zone

The operational management of the project “Trakia Economic Zone” has been assigned to “CLUSTER TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE”. Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ) is one of the biggest economic projects in Bulgaria, a public-private partnership that includes six major industrial zones in the region of Plovdiv. Together the zones in TEZ have attracted over one billion euro of fixed-capital investments. The total area of TEZ is 1070 hectares, of which 325 hectares are already occupied.

Memorandum of cooperation in the development of economic projects in the region of Plovdiv is signed by the mayors of Asenovgrad, Kaloianovo, Kuklen, Maritza, Parvomai, Rakovsky, Rodopi, chairman of the City Council of Stambolijski, Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Stefan Stoyanov, Eng . Plamen Pantchev, Chairman of “CLUSTER TRAKIA ECONOMIC ZONE” and Krasimir Stoyanov, Deputy Chairman of “Cluster ICT Plovdiv”.

9 municipalities and the 2 associations have declared their common will to work together and active support of the investment initiative for the implementation of the mega project “Trakia Economic Zone.” The Memorandum stipulates that by the development of the economic zone, which brings together the 6 industrial zones in the region of Plovdiv, these strategic objectives will be achieved :

• Development of Plovdiv region

• Improving labor mobility

• Providing access to jobs in industrial, logistics and commercial areas

• Improvement of public, residential and business environment

From the start of the 1st industrial zone Maritza in 1995 over 100 investors located their sites in the region, of which 80 multinational, opening over 12,000 jobs. Initiators of TEZ are Sienit Holding, industrial land developer, and KCM, ferrous-metal producer, together with 9 municipalities.

TEZ advantages
• Convenient geographic location – on important railway routes and European transport corridors, connecting Europe, Asia and Africa
• Infrastructure secured – transport, electricity, gas, water, sewerage, telecommunications
• Specialized administrative unit provides additional services, accelerated procedures
• Qualified work force 7 major universities and 2 colleges with technical and economics disciplines, more than 80 schools, language and specialized high schools
• Some 68,000 employees in the manufacturing sectors, another 20,000 engineers and machine operators in other industries
• Fastest growing industrial area in Bulgaria in the past 20 years

Specialized zones included in TEZ

1. Maritza Commercial and Industrial Zone
2. Rakovski Industrial Zone
3. Kuklen Industrial Zone
4. Trakia Hi-Tech Innovation Park
zx500_21745205. Agro Centre Kaloyanovo
6. Education and Hi-Tech Park in the city of Plovdiv

Short terms from first steps to a completed factory

Quick start of operation – thanks to the finished spatial planning of the territory. The team of the Economic Zone – specialists with over 15-years of experience in the construction of industrial, logistic, infrastructural, energy and commercial sites, lawyers, brokers contributing to the fast project implementation. The Zone has ready production, logistic, commercial facilities to offer.

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